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New Year? New Me? No thanks!

Updated: Jan 9

As we near the end of the first week of January, how are those New Year resolutions working out for you?

"Get fit! Lose weight! Give up alcohol forever! Be the best I've EVER been!"

All that pressure... It's enough to make me curl up and go back to bed until the Spring...

Poem by David Gate


We all know that most New Year resolutions often fall by the wayside within weeks, or months if you gave it a good go. {And if you're one of the few who have kept up a new resolution, then I applaud you!}

So often we set ourselves slightly unrealistic targets. We start off from the blocks at full throttle on the 1st January... Only to stop, probably a bit tired and 'over it' when we realise we just can't keep up the momentum.

Part of the problem is because we try to make all these Big Changes right in the middle of winter.

Winter: when we should be wintering.

A shift in mindset...

I stopped making resolutions years ago. Instead, I now set gentle intentions for myself, allowing myself to let some things go, and giving myself permission to allow new things in. Go with the flow. See what happens. Don't beat myself if it doesn't go as planned.

On New Year's Eve, I took myself away and spent some time alone to recognise and acknowledge the end of one year, the start of a new one, and to think about what I hopes I had for the coming year ahead.

Instead of making resolutions, I've chosen a word for 2024. And this word is EXPANSION. I find choosing a word to be a more gentle way to think about what I would like to achieve over the coming months, as it can also be applied to so many aspects of my life: career, friendships, learning, new adventures and experiences....

Tapping into the new

I also did a quick tapping routine before our friends arrived for the evening, just letting the words flow as I went around a number of cycles. Some suggested wording is below but feel free to use whatever comes to mind and works for you.

I want to underline that this doesn’t just need to be in relation to a new year. We can shed the old and allow the new at any point in our lives. Don't forget that!


I truly hope 2024 has started off on a good foot for you. Enjoy wintering, taking your time and rest when you can. Leave the January guilt behind. It is just another day/week/month after all…


✨ I choose to let go of those things/places/people that do not serve me (and that’s OK).


✨ I choose to release the grip of the past and welcome the future


✨ I release any lingering stress and guilt I may have around perfection.


✨ I completely love and accept myself as I am today and always.


✨ I am open to positive changes ~ the future is filled with possibilities.


✨I acknowledge all the ups and downs of life and can go with the flow.


✨ I invite positive energies around me and am free to create a fulfilled life that works for me (not anyone else).


✨ I am open to new beginnings, new experiences and new connections.


✨I am moving forward with confidence and trust the process of life.

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